Research and Development

Models Development

  • CAD Modaris;
  • automatic Placement Modaris;
  • manual and tailor-made modelling skills.

Prototypes and Sampling

  • Internal development;
  • outsourching network;
  • dedicated Team for each Project.


  • Seam sealing;
  • laser Cutting;
  • textile Bonding (Stitch Free);
  • high Frequency welding.

Materials Research

  • Research of new technologies;
  • environment sustainable quality;
  • italian/European and foreign countries in order to provide quality and sustainable prices.

Innovative products

  • Models Development;
  • prototypes and Sampling;
  • materials Research;
  • manual and tailor-made modelling skills;
  • internal development;
  • research of new technologies.

Tailor made project

Tailor made safety project for private companies

STP Company develops tailored projects for private and independent companies – always keeping in mind their different necessities and characteristics.